"We found Gymboree by accident when our first daughter was born. We wanted to open our own business, but we wanted to be part of a bigger, long term vision. Today we run our own business, doing something we love, but have all the support we need to be successful."

- Ellen and Dan Softness, Franchise Owner since 1997

Franchise Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long has Gymboree been in business?

Gymboree Play Programs began in 1976. Joan Barnes, our founder, for lack of classes specifically for young children and their parents to attend put together structured, developmental based, programs and began a class on a local basis in Marin, California. With the success that followed two years later in 1978 Gymboree began to franchise its unique program and we have been growing ever since. Gymboree Play & Learn begins its opening into the Middle East in 2010 under the owners of Rawabi Holding Company. We begin with our flagship location in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and will move across KSA and into GCC countries (Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan)


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What type of business does a Gymboree Play & Learn franchise offer?

Gymboree Play & Learn centers are full service centers offering a large range of developmental programming including leveled and age appropriate developmental play programs, and art and music classes. The Play & Learn centers are intended for major urban and suburban markets.


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What type of training is provided by Gymboree Play & Learn?

The Rawabi Gymboree Corporate Franchise As a Gymboree franchisee, you receive access to Gymboree’s patented, lesson plans and specially designed proprietary equipment, apparatus and branded Gymboree instruments and class props. You also receive a high level of initial training, ongoing training and support.


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How much money can I expect to make operating a Gymboree Play & Learn franchise?

Like many franchisors, Gymboree does not provide, or authorize its representatives to provide, any information on past or possible future financial results with respect to any Gymboree Play & Learn or company-owned unit. Your financial results will depend on many internal and external factors. Gymboree cannot reliably predict, forecast or project future performance, revenues, profits or otherwise for any Gymboree unit. As you go through the due diligence process, we suggest that you contact current operating franchise owners to collect information on the day to day operations of the business so you can complete your own business plan.


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Does Gymboree assist with financing this investment?

Rawabi Gymboree does not assist in any franchisee financial investments.


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What type of locations should I investigate for Play & Learn franchisee business?

Gymboree Play & Learn should be located in commercial locations, such as strip malls, shopping centers and regional malls. Commercial sites best represent the brand and have greater potential to deliver on all aspects of the business.


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Can I franchise a Gymboree Clothing Store?

No, the retail clothing stores are presently owned and operated by our parent company.


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Is Gymboree Play & Learn looking to expand internationally?

Gymboree Play & Learn is currently in over 30 countries around the world. We are aggressively working on our international franchise expansion and expand our global reach each year. For additional information on international franchising, please visit our International Franchise Opportunities page. For a list of the countries in which we have Play & Learn or Metro centers, please view our International Locations page.


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How can I get more information?

Email us today for more information.


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